How to Spot a Good Hair Salon

People often say that your hair is an invaluable asset and it’s your most important accessory that fits into all other factors that sum up your personal style. And finding a salon to work on your hair in a way that honors your personal style can be a costly and daunting endeavor. So you have done your homework and scrolled through endless salon images that are super dated and highly edited- not exactly what you were looking for in a hair change.

So, how do you find a good hair salon? Here is what to look for:

1. Ask For Referrals

Your close friend at work or school can offer you vital information when you are choosing a new hair salon. Chances are, when you ask them where they get their hair cut and colored, they will be more than willing to share the stylists as long as you don’t ask them the shade of blonde they are, yeah.

2. Check Their Site

Most salons have a Facebook page or a website. Either of these is another reliable place you can get information about their services and their customers reviews. Happy and unhappy clients will post photos and comments to along with their experiences.

3. Have a consultation

If it’s possible, book an appointment with a hair salon for a consultation where you can share the ideas you may have for your hair and what the salon thinks about them. Ask for their ideas too if you aren’t sure about the hairstyle that suits you.

4. Look At Prices

If you check in a salon and find out that you can’t afford a shampoo, leave alone highlights and trims, then it’s better you just walk out and look for another one. Salons and stylists can vary in price; therefore, before you make a decision to get your hair done at a particular salon, make sure that their prices fit into your budget.

The bottom line

As long as you’ve followed the above tips, chances are you’ll get the best hair salon for you.

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